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May 27, 2013


Photo: Vigil at Camp Buehring
Luminaries lit in the desert of Kuwait, Memorial Day 2012
U.S. Army

Memorial Day at Camp Buehring, Kuwait

Produced by
Ryan Noyes

We hear two dispatches from U.S. Military Camp Buehring. Chaplain Matt Stewart describes a wall of photographs of the fallen, which he says he visits on Memorial Day to look for soldiers who have died. We also hear from tank mechanic Sgt. Roberto Abelardo, who witnessed the Twin Towers falling on 9-11 and decided to enlist. These interviews were conducted by Ryan Noyes, who is deployed as a Mechanized Infantry Sergeant with the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Thanks to Tiffany Banks, Director of the Camp Buehring USO (United Service Organizations).  She and a handful of civilian staff worked around the clock organizing the vigil and Faces of the Fallen banner events.


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