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May 06, 2013


Photo: Amanda Brand
Amanda Brand
Radio Diaries

The Original Teenage Diaries: Amanda’s Diary

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Radio Diaries

Sixteen years ago, Radio Diaries gave tape recorders to an exceptionally brave group of young people, all of whom recorded their thoughts and interactions for months or even a year or more. The series was called Teenage Diaries and aired on NPR.

Now those kids are in their thirties. And they’ve recorded new diaries, which debut on All Things Considered today. So The Story is taking the opportunity to play the original diaries. All this week, we’ll talk with founder of Radio Diaries, Joe Richman, and get a preview of how these young people are doing now.

First, the story of Amanda Brand - her diary from 16 years ago. Back then, she had pretty much figured out that she was more interested in girls than she was in boys - although her family insisted that it was just a phase.


"Far Behind" by Eddie Vedder

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