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May 07, 2013


Photo: Juan
Radio Diaries

The Original Teenage Diaries: Juan's Diary

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Radio Diaries

Sixteen years ago producer Joe Richman and Radio Diaries produced a series of first-person self-portraits of teenagers. And some of them have recorded new diaries which are airing on All Things Considered, and we’re bringing you the originals all this week.

Today, we’re going to hear from Juan, who immigrated to America with his family from Zacatecas, Mexico. His mom and siblings waded across the Rio Grande, and Juan followed later, crossing the river over a bridge. His dad was the first one to come over, and so was already here as a migrant farm worker. They all settled just a few hundred feet from the river so the Rio Grande is this constant presence in Juan’s life, and it is a central character in his diary, too.

You can find out more about what happened to Juan on NPR’s All Things Considered. They are playing his new diary as part of “Teenage Diaries Revisited.”

Maybe you have a story: go to Cowbird, where Radio Diaries and NPR are searching for a new generation of diarists. Tell someone you know to tell their story.


"Benedict Returns" by David Holmes

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