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May 14, 2013


Photo: The Costa Concordia off the coast of Tuscany, Italy.
The Costa Concordia off the coast of Tuscany, Italy.
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Towing Away The Costa Concordia Cruise Ship

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Todd Busch has overseen the clean-up of some of the biggest disasters in the seas: In 2006, his company lifted an 874-foot container ship off the Pacific coast of Mexico, and in 2007, it re-floated a 10,000-ton platform in the middle of the Atlantic Sea.

Now, Florida-based Titan Salvage, which Busch oversees, is handling another major vessel: the Costa Concordia cruise ship, which carried more than 4,000 people and sank off the coast of Tuscany in January 2012. Thirty passengers died and two went missing.

In this interview with host Dick Gordon, Busch explains the five key steps in removing a ship that is roughly the same size of a 65-story building. The process includes anchoring the ship, building supports under it, moving it upright, surrounding it with flotation devices, and re-floating it- by December 2013.

“I remember coming over on the ferry and looking at it. It was a very impressive sight,” Busch says about the first time he saw the Costa Concordia partially submerged off the Italian coast. “I was just thinking, ‘Something doesn’t look right here.’ It was almost surreal.”


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