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June 17, 2013


Photo: Haley Morris-Cafiero and two police officers
Haley Morris-Cafiero

Photographer Turns Lens On People Who Mock Her

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Photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero had been making portraits of herself in New York City when she started looking at the photos and noticed one frame: A woman was taking a picture of a man who was seemed to be sneering and laughing at Morris-Cafiero.

“Even though we're in the sensory overload capital of the world of Times Square, and he's being photographed by a beautiful woman, he's fixated on me,” Morris-Cafiero says. “I thought I had heard people say things about me, but I never thought I would capture that on film.”

Morris-Cafiero, who describes herself as overweight, says in this interview with producer Phoebe Judge that she’d become used to people making comments about her figure long before she started the photo project she has called “Wait Watchers.”

She tells Phoebe how she made photos of people apparently commenting on her body, and that she wants to use her images to start a conversation.


"Candylion" by Gruff Rhys and "Should Have Shot Paul" by The Strange Boys

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