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June 11, 2013


Scott Hornoff talking to Dick Gordon
Scott Hornoff, 2013
Sameer Abdel-Khalek

Scott Hornoff

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In 1996 Scott Hornoff was working as a detective at the Warwick, Rhode Island Police Department when he was convicted of first degree murder. He was charged with the 1989 killing of an old girlfriend, Victoria Cushman. 

When detectives asked Scott Hornoff whether he knew Victoria Cushman-- he told the truth, yes he did.  

Seven years passed between the murder and Scott’s conviction and in that time Scott’s life became hell.  He was working at the same police station where much of the investigation over Cushman’s death was taking place, and for years Scott had no idea he was even being considered a suspect. 

Scott was sentenced to life in prison. After the verdict was read he handed his wedding ring to his wife. He said, “Just because my life was ending I didn’t want hers to have to as well.”

Scott was placed in a special division of the prison which housed ex cops, child molesters, and politicians.  Anyone who needed extra protection. Scott served six years in prison before Victoria Cushman’s boyfriend Todd Barry confessed to the crime. Barry said he finally confessed because he wanted to clear his conscience but wanted to wait until his mother died to come forward.

After his exoneration Scott was reinstated at the Warwick Police Department but found he no longer fit in.  He pursued his master’s degree in Criminology and graduated at the top of his class but was not able to find work afterwards. He eventually made his way to Afghanistan where he has done three tours providing training to the Afghan National Police.   He lives now in Georgia with his new wife and still travels regularly to Rhode Island to see his children. 



"Emancipator" by Shook; "Micro Melodies" by the Album Leaf

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