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July 16, 2013


Photo: A 'Don't Tread On Me' flag
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Arkansans Against Big Government

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Glenn Gallas got his start in community activism when he bought a house in a high-crime neighborhood of Hot Springs, Ark. He created a neighborhood watch program, built a park with private funds, and bought and renovated seven neighborhood homes.

His work earned him the President's Volunteer Service Award from President Clinton. Gallas went on to found the Tea Party of Hot Springs, and Arkansans Against Big Government.

"It’s every individual’s responsibility to be involved in their government, and in their community,” he says in this conversation with host Dick Gordon. “Therefore, it should be a priority and not 'Gee whiz, somebody told me we’re having a rally on the corner. I guess I’ll take off work a little early and show up.'"


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