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July 05, 2013


Photo: Chris Thile
Chris Thile performs a Tiny Desk Concert in Washington, D.C.
Mike Katzif via Flickr

Chris Thile Reinvents His Music, Over And Over

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Host Dick Gordon speaks with Chris Thile about how he was schooled in blue grass and how he started to reengineer it and create his own sound. He says he believes in art that disarms the mind. That sent him into a process of breaking down bluegrass and then putting it back together again. He performed with Nickel Creek and the Punch Brothers.


"Movement and Location," "The Blind Leaving the Blind: 1st Movement," "Soon or Never" and "This Girl" by Punch Brothers.; "Waltz for Wayne Pomeroy " and "This is all Real" by Chris Thile

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