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July 08, 2013


Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

Documenting Domestic Violence

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Sara Naomi Lewkowicz is a graduate student in the School of Visual Communications at Ohio University. She often attends county fairs and similar public events in hopes of meeting people she might photograph. That’s how she met Shane and Maggie. She was struck by the tattoos on Shane’s face and neck, and the sight of him holding a little girl. Sara befriended Shane and his girlfriend Maggie and photographed them for months, until the night when Shane became physically abusive with Maggie. Sara was in their home during the attack, and continued to take photographs. Although those images were integral in putting Shane behind bars, Sara was criticized for not putting down her camera and intervening in the attack. 

To see Sara's photographs of Shane and Maggie, visit Fotovisura


"Fleece on Brain" by Matthew Dear; "Dear Heartbeat" by Darkstar

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