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July 23, 2013


Book cover: 'Hope After Faith'
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For Evangelical Pastor, A Road From Belief To Atheism

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Jerry DeWitt spent most of his life working as an evangelical preacher in Louisiana. Then, two years ago, something happened.

He got a phone call from one of his parishioners asking him to pray for her seriously injured brother.  DeWitt realized that he had no proof that praying was going to do anything to save this man and it was unfair to get the sister’s hopes up. He couldn’t do it.

DeWitt left the church and is now an atheist.  The transition has not been easy.  He has been ostracized from his community and his family, but says that he could no longer spend his life doubting the very existence of something that he was leading others to believe.

Jerry DeWitt is author of the book "Hope After Faith."


“Everything is  Everything” by Booker T. Jones; “Two Ladies” by Chris McGregor

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