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July 22, 2013


Painting: Untitled by Zdislav Beksinski
Untitled by Zdislav Beksinski

Hunger Strike: A Protest Across California

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Katie Herzog

For the past two weeks, thousands of California inmates in solitary confinement have been protesting conditions in security housing units with a hunger strike.  Among the demands: that a photograph be allowed in the cell, and that counseling and more nutritious food be provided. 

Host Dick Gordon speaks with Steven Czifra, who has been out of prison for a decade but is participating in the hunger strike in solidarity. Czifra spent eight years in solitary confinement starting when he was 14 years old.  At one point, he spent a whole year without ever leaving his cell. “I think the point is to crack people,” he says. "They don’t care if you go crazy."


"The Fall" by Rhye

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