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July 18, 2013


Painting: Elephant and Whale
Elephant and Whale
Ito Jakuchu

The Loneliest Creature On Earth

In 1989, Naval stations on the Pacific coast picked up unidentifiable sounds in the ocean. And when analysts realized it was a whale, they noticed it was vocalizing at a frequency different than any other whale song ever recorded.

In this story, contributor Lilly Sullivan explores the world around what’s become known as the 52-hertz Whale, named after its higher-than-average singing frequency.  When it calls out, it never gets a response, so scientists theorize it’s unable to hear – or be heard – by other whales.

People have written poems and songs about it, and because whales such as this one live almost 100 years, some have started calling it another name: "The Loneliest Creature on Earth."

This story was originally produced in the Transom Story Workshop.


"Introduction" by Noah and the Whale

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