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July 26, 2013


Photo: A mountain in Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park
Patrick Woodward

Lost In The Mojave Desert

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Zak Rosen

One afternoon in the fall of 2010, Ed Rosenthal had just closed two real estate deals in Los Angeles, so he started out for a celebratory hike in the Joshua Tree National Park. He made it to Warren Peak, had lunch and prepared to descend.

The trouble was that, even though he’d followed the same path before, he couldn’t find the trail back. Frantically, he walked back and forth around the hill, standing on different outlooks for the trail. The desert looked the same in every direction.

In this conversation, Rosenthal tells host Dick Gordon the story of the ensuing days in the Mojave Desert. He had little more than a small blanket, about a cup of water and the shade of a tree. He started seeing visions, he says.

"I was falling asleep and I felt myself going through a billowing white tunnel," he remembers. "I saw a rabbi from downtown. He said, 'Are you ready for this, Ed?'  I said, 'No.'  And I woke up."


“Sugarbabe” by the Evie Ladin Band; “Sad Violin” by Warren Ellis & Nick Cave

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