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September 26, 2013


Photo: Bob Dylan at Caffe Lena. 1960
Bob Dylan at Caffe Lena. 1960
Joe Alper/ Caffe Lena History Project

Live At Caffe Lena

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A new CD is out this week, which features  long-lost recordings of Don McLean, Jerry Jeff Walker, Pete Seeger  and others.  The recordings were made at the oldest continuously operating folk coffee house in the country, Caffe Lena.

Host Dick Gordon speaks to Jocelyn Arem, who has spent years gathering reel-to-reel and other taped recordings from attics and basements, and digitizing the music. She’s also traveled the country, recording oral history memories of the Saratoga Springs, N.Y. shop with musicians such as Ani DiFranco.

The project is called the Caffe Lena History Project, and it includes a CD boxed set, a book, and a traveling exhibition.

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