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September 17, 2013


Photo: Anya Yurchyshyn's parents
Anya Yurchyshyn's parents

My Dead Parents

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Eric Mennel, Andrew Parsons

When she was 16, Anya Yurchyshyn’s father died in a car accident in Ukraine, and whe she was 32, her mother died of heart failure stemming from chronic alcoholism.  As Anya sorted through her mother’s house, she was overwhelmed by evidence that her parents were significantly more interesting, complex, and affectionate than she’d known them to be. She talks with Dick Gordon about getting to know her parents, after they'd died, through love letters, photographs, and her mother’s diary. To see some of the letters and photos, visit her blog My Dead Parents and her Buzzfeed piece.  


"Babe" by Evenings

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