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Photo: Hollis Watkins
Hollis Watkins
Civil Rights Movement Veterans

A Call To Register Voters In Mississippi, Again [8.12.2013]

In the 1960s, Hollis Watkins helped convince blacks in Mississippi that registering to vote was worth the risk. Now, he says he is concerned this year’s Supreme Court decision striking down part of the voting rights act will keep people from going to the polls. Also in this show: activists were fighting for equal access to schools and the voting booth, George Wallace gave a speech when he was inaugurated as Alabama governor: “Segregation now, segregation forever;” and two boys – one black and one white – make friends and music in this story by Clyde Edgerton.


"Intent" by Monica McIntyre; "Back to the Ground" by Jamie Cullum; "Happy as a Dead Pig in the Sun" by Kaki King

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