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Coming Out: A Basketball Coach Says He’s Gay [8.13.2013]

For 17 years, Anthony Nicodemo didn’t tell the high school where he coached basketball that he was gay. Earlier this year, he called for a meeting with players and parents and came out. ALSO: This July, Cody Dent managed to spoil a perfect game by Boston Red Sox minor league affiliate the Lowell Spinners. It’s kind of like the infamous 1978 day in which his father Bucky Dent spoiled a game for the Red Sox; and for years, a dozen friends in Natick, R.I., gathered on Friday nights in a cloud of cigarette smoke, holding cans full of pennies and a card deck for poker.


"When you give it away" by Bruce Cockburn; "These United States" and Slow Crows Over; "Build a House and Burn it Down" by The Horse Flies; "Days to Come" by Bonobo

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