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Documenting Domestic Violence (7.8.2013)

Photographer Sara Naomi Lewkowicz spent months documenting the lives of a young couple, Shane and Maggie. She was in their home the night that Shane attacked Maggie, and photographed the attack. Although her images were integral in putting Shane behind bars, Sara was widely criticized for not putting down her camera and intervening. Also in this show, long-time scuba diver Rick Allen makes his living as an underwater photographer. Two years ago, he lost his arm in an accident and vowed that it would not stop him from recovering the pirate Blackbeard's ship from the bottom of the ocean. A week and a half ago, he and his crew recovered a cannon and part of a sword. The sword hilt is so fancy; some speculate it may have belonged to Blackbeard himself. 


"Fleece on Brain" by Matthew Dear; "Dear Heartbeat" by Darkstar; Pirates of the Caribbean theme song from the motion picture soundtrack

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