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How To Win A Green Card: Abdi’s Story Continues (5.16.2013)

The Story has followed the life of a school teacher from Somalia since 2009. Earlier this month, he found out that he won a visa lottery to the U.S. Also in this show: Philanthropist Melinda Gates has had conversations with mothers across the globe, and says women everywhere want to find the best care for their children. For years, dozens of runners dropped their gear at Boston’s Crossroads Irish Bar, took the subway out of town, and ran the Boston Marathon route back to the bar. And Bob Stewart, who owned Carousel Arcade in Seaside Heights, N.J., says the town is as ready as it can be for the summer season.


"Lookout for Hope" by Jerry Douglas; "Days to Come" by Bonobo; "Crystal Ball" by Grimes; "Can't Get Started" by the Hipstones; Andrew Bird, Konono N°1 & Sobanza Mimanisa

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