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Lady Madonna: To Find The Truth [08.17.2011]

Lady Madonna: To Find The Truth
Michael Humphrey grew up hearing the same story from his dad over and over again. His father claimed he wrote the song "Lady Madonna" and the Beatles stole it from him. His dad was so fervent that Michael accepted this story as true - or at least possibly true. That is, until he did his own research. Now Michael has to reconcile what he knows to be the truth with his feelings for his dad.

All That Glitters
When Diane Gohl was 23-years-old she went on her first trip abroad to Bangkok, Thailand. She fell in with a group of smooth talking Thai gem merchants. They persuaded her to charge $3,000 to her credit card in exchange for five sapphires. Diane soon found that she’d been scammed - but her story doesn’t end there. She joins Dick to talk about the scam - and how she eventually got most of her money back.

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