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National Geographic. June 2013

Maxed Out On Everest [10.14.2013]

Hundreds of people are now attempting to climb Mt. Everest every year. National Geographic's Mark Jenkins says the mountain, once tackled only by professional climbers, has become accessible to anyone who can afford to pay to go up and down.  And as a result, the mountain is being ruined by garbage, human excrement, and even bodies of deceased climbers. Also in this show, we learn about a new kind of aircraft, the “Aeroscraft."  It’s a space-age looking machine that’s almost as big as a football field and able to carry 50 tons or more.


"Brccoli and Cheese" by Devin the Dude; "Baddy Doub" by Gerard Ferrer and Elissa; "Come Josephine in My Flying Machine" by Ada Jones and Billy Murray

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