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The Mushroom Man [8.6.2010]

Paul Stamets is a mycologist - a mushroom guy. He's been hunting and researching edible and medicinal fungi for thirty years. But he doesn't have a PhD or work in a university lab. He's an entrepreneur and self-made scientist. His company Fungi Perfecti sells grow 'em at home edible mushroom kits, and most of the profits go toward funding his numerous fungi research projects. In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Paul thinks mushrooms could help clean up the oil and toxins, and heal the Gulf of Mexico's damaged ecosystem. Also in this episode, Ibarionex Perello was inspired by a man named Mike Cohen. Mike was a counselor at the Boys Club of Hollywood during the late seventies. Mike loved photography and restored the club's darkroom for the boys to use, then invited photojournalists to come give classes. The darkroom became Ibarionex's second home, and he grew up to become a successful photographer.

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