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Photo: Daniela Pelaez met with Florida Sen. Bill Nelson
Daniela Pelaez met with Florida Sen. Bill Nelson
State Impact Florida

No Papers and Unafraid: Daniela Pelaez Lobbies Washington (5.6.2013)

Host Dick Gordon speaks with Daniela Pelaez, a freshman at Dartmouth College who is undocumented and has been lobbying the U.S. Senate’s "Gang of Eight" for immigration reform. Also in this show: trumpet player Arturo Sandoval talks about the enormous range of his instrument; and the Teenage Diary of Amanda Brand, who had figured out she was gay, although her family insisted she was just going through a phase.


"Point Lobos" by David Schulman; "Little Jazz" and other selections by Arturo Sandoval; "Far Behind" by Eddie Vedder

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