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Reuniting the Kinks [8.13.2010]

Geoff Edgers is a staff writer at the Boston Globe.  The 40-something reporter had a midlife crisis a few years ago and decided that he had to get the rock band The Kinks back together again.  He reconnected with a high school buddy who's now a famous movie-maker.  And the two set out to film Geoff's attempts to get the band to reunite. Trouble is, the two brothers who fronted the group more than 40 years ago can't stand each other. Also in this episode, Nicole Anderson Cobb is an African American history professor, born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Her family and friends are die-hard Obama fans, supporting the President come hell or high water, dissent or disapproval out of the question. Nicole has wrestled with her own opinions, and as an emerging playwright, turned them into a one woman show.

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