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Riding Out The Storm [4.8.2011]

More than 25,000 people were lost when the tsunami roared ashore in Japan. Mike Petro comes close to understanding what that is like. He was at his home in Gulfport, Miss. on the weekend when Hurricane Katrina came ashore. Mike survived the storm by riding on top of houses that were swept away by the storm surge.

Message In A Bottle

Dick recently asked listeners if they’d ever gotten a message in a bottle. That question prompted this story: In 1979, an 8-year-old named Matt Johnson was out with his father on a "semester at sea." Matt put a message in a bottle and a German woman named Connie Kipping found it. Connie recently connected with Matt, 30 years later.

Also: a listener calls in with a reaction to our story The Forgotten Social Network.

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