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Staying Afloat [8.5.2010]

 The recession has made new jobs few and far between, and applicants for entry-level positions can range in age from baby boomers to current college grads.  In 2008, Liam Daniel Pierce had an offer to intern at The New Yorker and a degree from an Ivy League school in hand. But then he got the news that his internship had been cut under new budget restraints. Undeterred, he moved to New York anyway and began a several month stretch of temp work and odd jobs. But this former college newspaper editor has more than a proficiency in Microsoft Word on his resume: he is a trained gondolier. Also in this episode, Deb Burgess operates what's thought to be the last pack station of its kind in the United States.  And every time the price of gold heads towards $1000 an ounce, Debra Graham is reminded of the adventure she had back in the 80s. It all began when she was unemployed and took out an ad offering a reward for information leading to a job.

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