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Photo: Rick Cowell and a crew of hotshot firefighters
Rick Cowell and a crew of hotshot firefighters
Kyle Dickman

Stepping Into The Black: A Hotshot Firefighter’s View [8.15.2013]

As western forests continue to burn every summer, new technology is helping fight them. But Rick Cowell, a veteran hotshot firefighter, says the work has remained the same. Also in this show: producer Kenny Malone looks into the story behind a collection of salt shakers and a picture left behind in a Florida deposit box; how the rise of Hitler forced great physicists such as Max Born to flee Germany in the 1930s; and producer David Schulman goes on a search for digital sound that can compare to the acoustic sound of a Stradivarius violin.


"Hadn't I been Good To You" - Charles Caldwell; "Veins of Coal" - The Horse Flies; "Memories" - Erik the Flutemaker; "Clouds That Won't Rain" - Clothesline Revival; "Ilya Kaler Arcangelo Corelli (live)" - La Folia

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