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Travel By Train

Audrey Hunter was 17 the first time she hopped a train. The 23-year-old pre-nursing student now admits it's a dangerous thing to do, but for three years of her life, Audrey courted danger and traveled the country by train. She took odd jobs and "squatted" with other kids her age. New Orleans became the closest thing to a home, and after Katrina hit, Audrey headed back there after finishing her migrant farming job up north. She recalls helping clean up the city, the impact those images had on her, and she talks with Dick Gordon about how all of these travels showed her what she now wants to do with her life.

Music in this story: Freight Train, performed by Laura Veirs for the album Two Beers Veirs; Asleep in Nawlins performed by Dead Man Street Orchestra for the album Where's Corey; City of New Orleans performed by Arlo Guthrie

Herbie Hancock And A Synthesizer

We love to hear the stories of the one thing - or one person - that changed your life. Pat Gleeson was a 34-year-old 18th century lit professor at San Francisco State in the mid-60s. But one day, he decided music was where his heart was. Even though he had no formal musical training, he quit his job and started working in a studio, making "electronic" music with a Moog synthesizer. His life changed when jazz pianist Herbie Hancock came into the studio one day and listened to what Pat was doing. For the next couple of years, Pat found himself center stage with Herbie and at the center of a controversial time in jazz history. The two parted ways, but Pat went on to have a career in music - a career that he says began when Herbie Hancock walked into his studio.

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