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Photo: Buddy Edgerton
Buddy Edgerton
Buddy Edgerton

The Unknown Rockwell [12.21.2010]

No one can ever really know how a master artist works. But Buddy Edgerton has some idea. He lived next door to Norman Rockwell as a boy. Norman Rockwell, of course, was the prolific illustrator most often associated with the Saturday Evening Post. Like many in the community, Buddy was the subject for a number of Rockwell's paintings. He often posed, for $5 a sitting, as a Boy Scout. Buddy cherishes his memories of the Rockwell family: Norman, Mary and the boys. Buddy Edgerton joins Dick Gordon to talk about his unique view into the life and work of a master.

Big World, Shorwave
Myke Weiskopf wrote to us to say: "I'm an old-school radio man, sound-gatherer, and old-world obsessive. I've been lucky enough to take my shortwave all over the world ... I've posted recordings from broadcasts in Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan..."  (His list goes on … and these are just the A’s!) This past summer, Myke went to Bulgaria and had a chance to meet the woman who started it all: the very first Bulgarian woman he heard singing on the radio whose voice has haunted him ever since. Learn more about Myke.

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