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We Don't Talk About That [06.18.2010]

We Don't Talk About That
Father's Day is a strange day for Bernd Wollschlaeger. He grew up in Germany, and heard his father's World War II stories - war stories about being a senior officer in Hitler's Army. When Bernd got older he heard the other stories, about the millions of Jews and civilians who'd been persecuted and killed by the Nazis. When Bernd found out that his father had been involved, and that his father seemed to bear no guilt, he didn't know what to do. Bernd's search would take him to Israel, and eventually to the Jewish faith. Bernd talks with Dick Gordon about trying to reconcile matters with his father and making peace with himself.

Meet Me In Grand Central
Father's Day also has great meaning to Mark Haggarty. Mark and his siblings grew up outside New York City, into a family of quintessential New Yorkers. Mark’s dad, in particular, loved the city and worked there his whole life. Mark and his brother grew up taking the train to meet him at Grand Central Station, near where he worked. They even had a special meeting place - under the clock tower. Mark talks to Dick about his father’s life and his sudden yet symbolic death.

Music in this story: "New York, New York" performed by Beegie Adair for the album Swingin' with Sinatra.

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